Pantex Administrative Support Complex

LOCATION: Amarillo, TX
PROJECT NOTES: In June 2015, LawlerWood was selected by Consolidated Nuclear Security, LLC to develop, finance, own and operate a new administrative facility at its Pantex plant in Amarillo, TX. LW was tasked to provide a firm lease proposal, including: programing and design of a facility to house the National Security Production Office along with CNS personnel from senior management, engineering, supply chain management, human resources, information technology, quality control and program management; comprehensive development budget; operating budget; detailed financing plan and transaction structure, and; firm lease rate by September. In a three month period, LW structured a $130M bond transaction, programed, designed and priced a 340,000 sf building including office, laboratory, auditorium, cafeteria and urgent care service areas, and delivered a firm lease proposal complete with essential transaction documents. The project is awaiting agency approval and is projected to break ground in January 2016.